Hello, 2020!!

How are you starting it out?  What's your goals or visions? Has the Lord given you a word for your year? 

Today we welcome and walk into a new decade, a brand new year! Wow, as I sit here today I can't help but be in awe over the past decade and all the amazing things that have taken place, all the life that has been experienced both good and bad, nor can I negate how challenging 2019 was. Today as we enter into a New Year, a new decade I also can't help but wonder where you're at? Are you walking into 2020 excited, hopeful, expectant, or are you afraid, discouraged, or heavy-hearted?

Each year I have started asking the Lord to give me a word, a word that would represent/set the tone for my year. A few months ago I was in Israel and there was one day that stands out above all the rest, I was a hot mess from the moment I woke up. What I didn't realize at the time was the Lord was setting me up to give me my word for 2020. As I stood at the top of Mt. Arbel overlooking the region where Jesus did 90% of his ministry, it all hit me and I heard him so clearly in my heart say "Kristina, I need you to "GO FIRST!" All I could do was fight back the tears because at that very moment I knew exactly what he was asking me to do.

For the past several months leading up to that day he had been doing such a breaking, deep healing, and reshaping of my heart. Continuing a work he started two years prior, and guiding me to go even deeper on really understanding how to love the way he loves. Teaching me more about what it means to live and follow him, to love the way he loves. To meet and love people exactly where they're at, without any expectations; to truly forgive even when I have been deeply hurt, and to see others the way he sees them. Seeing how He loves at all cost, and never apologizes for that love. It's that kind of love that changes things, and it is that kind of love that has to "GO FIRST"! If I ever want to be effective in what he has called me to do, this was and has to continue to be key.

If learning how to love more like Jesus wasn’t enough, he also addressed ordering my steps that day and confirmed even more that “Go First” needs to set the tone for the season he has set before me in 2020. Literally scaling down Mt. Arbel I could feel my fear of being that high up being conquered and the Lord saying, “Just like that day, you had a guide. Each step you took was a step of faith b/c you didn’t know what you would step on, but you trusted and made it safely to your destination. The same is true in what I am calling you to do, I am your guide! You can’t see it, but step by step I will guide you safely through to the destination I have for you. So love the way I love & let me be your complete guide.”

As you enter into 2020 I don't know how you may be feeling today or what you may face in 2020, but know this He is the same today, yesterday, and forever! He loves you; He meets you exactly where you are at; He has forgiven you, and He will be your step by step guide to carrying you through to the designation he has for you. So love and forgive deeply, and walk into your New Year I pray that you walk in confidence; reach for the stars; and believe that this will be the best year of your life, and the Greatest decade you have every known because He is walking it with you!

Happy New Year Friends, I am praying blessing upon blessing over you and your families!

Much love,

K Few fun pic's of Mt. Ariel -

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