What Drives You???

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

What drives you? Ever find yourself asking what am I doing with my life or thinking there has to be more? Well your not alone, and at some point.... ok well let’s be real at several points in our life these questions surface, but why & why are they so strong? Because each has been created with a special destiny, designed for things only we can accomplish. The desire to for filling them was created for a reason, and it’s what pushes us to fill those reasons or pushes us to continue until we figure them out. From a spiritual standpoint, I know that these desires were given from God, and are meant for us to seek him out to for filling them. But let’s take it a step further from a scientific standpoint. Each of us is created with a different DNA (including identical twins), these patterns set us apart from anyone else in the world. These patterns also play a part in our gifting’s, gifting’s which set us apart. There will never be another person that can achieve what the Lord has designed you and your DNA to do. So what drives you? What makes you happy? What makes you feel filled? Because those are the things to go after, those are the gifting’s the Lord will use to unlock the true treasures to what you are created for. Don’t let yourself get stuck behind a job title, label or name, go past that. Let your giftings be the key that opens up your heart to fill what the Lord has designed only to do.

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