Center Stage

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Center Stage (12/2014): 

For the past four months, I have pondered on how to write this 2nd blog, I’ve wanted something that would capture your attention. Something filled with exciting stories and events that have taken place in this new adventure and chapter in my life. And let's be honest here, that is truly the things each of us wants to see and hear. It’s what I call spotlight moments. 

However, like any story, there has to be a beginning, a great foundation that will lead up to those climax moments. And though there have been some AMAZING glimpse and God-given moments along the way, the real story lies on the actual journey. These are the things that push us over the top, the things that make us who we are. And so for the past five months that is the stage I have been performing on. The “Center Stage” called the journey, it’s the very beginning of what lies ahead. 

To be honest I’ve had to step back and put myself in check on several occasions because I’ve wanted to fast forward and skip this stage altogether. But the Lord keeps reminding me, that it is in this stage that he will set the pace for what is ahead. Discipline and perseverance are key, and in these things that make the foundation strong. 

For my life, he has used this move-in “SO” many ways. Let’s face it moving to a new area in itself is a challenge, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten lost. Making new friendships are not as easy as they use to be. Learning to spend countless hours on vocal, guitar, and physical training…. I’ve lost count!!! Balancing the real world and yet keeping my focus on God….yeah, I’ve failed a million times. Yet these are just to name a few things; and I know I’m not alone. I share all this not for sympathy, a pat on the back or to come across as complaining. My sole purpose is just a reminder that each of us has a journey, fill in your blank above. We have to put in the hard work and faith to develop the potential he has placed within. God has each of us where we are for a reason. It’s a beautiful gift, don’t fast forward it!! We get one life, let’s be who God has called us to be. And enjoy the “Center Stage” he has each of us performing on!! 

<3 -K- 


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